Fresh Flowers: New York Times Bestseller list in the #FreshFlowers hashtag

NEW YORK — With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, the #freshflowers hashtag has gained momentum across the globe in recent weeks.

It began on Tuesday, when New York Magazine and The Atlantic published articles detailing how a new crop of flowers has taken over the streets of Manhattan, while the Brooklyn Bridge, once an important sightseeing spot, has become an oasis in the sweltering heat.

A week later, the hashtag #FreshGifts has gained more than 2 million followers, while #FreshPigs has more than 8,000.

As for the fresh flowers themselves, the New York Post’s top pick for bestsellers is a “chocolate-roasted, strawberry-sliced pink rose” by Alyssa Klein of Brooklyn, which it says was “delivered to your doorstep” by “a customer who was literally on their way.”

As New York City is experiencing its hottest August on record, the new crop has become a popular tourist destination, with tourists from all over the world flocking to New York to admire the beautiful flowers and eat the delicacies that are so popular here.

The hashtag also gained traction in March, when The Associated Press named the “New York City of Fresh Flowers” one of its best cities for the year.

On Thursday, the NYT announced it had acquired a print run of all 30 titles on the list and added the #NewYorkTimes bestseller list, along with a photo of one of the new flowers and a description of the New Yorkers who purchased it.

To celebrate, The New York Sun published a series of photos of people with the new roses, which the newspaper said was inspired by their Instagram feeds.

This week, the city also celebrated the start of a brand-new season of the #BristolFreshFestival, which was created to promote fresh flowers in the city.

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