How Australia’s new ‘Brisbane Flowering’ laws are being applied to native plants

In Australia, many native plants are being targeted for removal from the wild.

Some of the most common include the wild rose bush, and the Australian cocklebark.

The Queensland government is trying to change the laws to make it easier for native plants to survive.

Under the changes, the Department of Parks and Wildlife will be able to give permission for native species to be removed from the bushland.

But this will be very limited.

It won’t be possible to remove the native bush plants without the permission of the state’s environment minister.

This is the case because the department can only give permission to remove species where there is a reasonable chance of recovery.

So the bush will be left to die, with little hope of survival for the native plants that are part of the native ecosystem.

To do this, the department will need to go through a process called an environmental assessment.

Once it has determined that the native species is no longer of any conservation value, it can then remove the plant.

We have seen it happen in Queensland before.

In 2015, the state government said that it would allow native cockleberry to be transplanted to a small part of an island that was being developed into a resort.

Then in June 2018, a large part of a remote coastal region was declared a national park.

These examples show that even if the department is able to remove a species, it’s not a certainty.

And this is the thing that has always puzzled me, is that the department has the power to destroy native plants, and that it can also make it impossible to restore them.

For example, in the late 1800s, the Queensland government gave permission to the Queensland State Forestry Corporation to destroy cockleberries.

At the time, the bush was in good condition.

Its native species was thriving and its population was growing rapidly.

Nowadays, it is an invasive species and the destruction of the cocklebush is causing the population to dwindle.

While I am happy to see native plants restored, there are still places in Australia where native plants can’t survive.

This story originally appeared on Fox News.

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