How to find the freshest flowers in Canada

Fresh flowers can be a great source of food and beauty for many, but they can also make you feel sad.

And that’s exactly what a number of people are seeing happening in Ontario.

“I’ve been here all my life, but I’ve never experienced the level of sadness that I’ve experienced here,” said Carol Johnson, who works as a sales manager for a beauty supply company in London, Ont.

“People are losing their jobs.

People are losing housing.”

Johnson said she had never seen a customer go through such a difficult time.

“It’s heartbreaking,” she said.

“When people are losing everything, you have a very real feeling that it’s not going to happen to you again.”

The province of Ontario has set up a hotline for people to report flowers they see or that they think are being taken from their gardens.

Some people are even getting death threats from gardeners.

“There are a lot of people out there that are very upset about it,” said Dr. Jennifer Kuk, a professor of pediatrics at Toronto’s University of Toronto.

Kuk said it can be difficult to tell whether a flower is a flower, a plant or something else.

“If you can’t tell the difference, you might as well not plant them,” she told CBC News.

Kuchling said many people will not believe that a flower can kill them, so they’re likely to leave flowers in place, hoping to see a reaction.

“For many people it can become a sort of coping mechanism,” Kuching said.

The flowers that are removed tend to be flowers that look very similar to the original, Kuchding said.

And it’s possible that the flowers that were removed were just the same ones that had been picked earlier.

“We have to say to people, don’t be surprised if you see flowers with a different color, or different shape,” Kuk added.

“The flowers that we pick are just the ones that are already there.”

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