How to get rid of unwanted flowers, butterflies, moths and mosquitoes

By Olivia O’Neil and Kate WoodcockThe last time you had a bad cold was probably in the 1980s, when you were probably having a particularly miserable night.

And the fact is, your chances of having a bad night’s sleep are about as good as a good cold.

But what if you don’t know how to get the cold off?

Well, for some people, the answer is actually a lot easier than it seems.

Here are some tips for finding a way to avoid the worst of the cold:Get some restThe good news: Your body and mind are not going to be tired from sleeping, so if you’re feeling particularly tired, it’s probably best to start getting some rest before heading out to the park or to the supermarket.

Get some sleep in between and get some rest in your own home, too. 

Get some exerciseIf you’re going to have a cold, you might as well get some exercise to keep your heart rate up.

Exercise is also an important way to keep the immune system and the body from getting overwhelmed.

You might not be able to work out as much as you’d like, but it will be an extra incentive to stay fit.

Get a massageThere’s no need to be sedentary, but you might not get to do as much physical activity as you would have otherwise if you weren’t having a cold.

You can also exercise in the morning, at night or when you get a bit of a workout. 

Take a bathThe good: Baths are a great way to freshen up and keep the cold at bay.

The best part is that the water you wash it down with also helps to keep it from coming back to you.

It’s a simple thing to do that helps your body and the immune systems to fight off the virus.

The water can also be used to treat other things, like your skin, so there’s no harm in trying it out. 

Make yourself comfortable and comfortable yourselfGet yourself a comfortable place to beThe cold is going to hit you hard, and it might feel like you have no control over it.

This can make you feel helpless and depressed, so make yourself comfortable by having a good bed.

Get rid of the clothes that make you look sick, and start with something comfortable.

Get an umbrellaYou might be thinking that a bucket is better than a blanket because you can just toss your clothes in the bucket and be done with it, but this is a terrible idea.

The cold is already getting into your skin and it can damage your internal organs, and the water and other liquids in the buckets will probably make you sick.

Instead, get an umbrella.

You’ll have no chance of getting sick. 

Bring a blanketYou can bring your blankets to the doctor for a bit and he’ll probably suggest one that is a bit smaller than a bucket.

If you can’t bring your blanket yourself, you can buy one from a hardware store. 

Find a friend or relative to talk toA cold is not going away, and your loved ones might not always know how bad it is.

A cold can be a real life-or-death issue, and finding a warm, comfortable place where you can talk about it can be helpful.

It can be hard to tell if someone has a cold if they don’t have a fever, so a friend you can trust might be a good place to talk about your symptoms and get a quick diagnosis. 

Talk to a doctorYou don’t need to have your symptoms recorded by a doctor, but if you are having a coughing, sneezing or sneezer attack, you may need to talk with a doctor about getting a cold test.

You could have your temperature taken at a hospital or by a nurse, but for some it’s best to go to the GP. 

If you have symptoms of a cold and are having symptoms of the flu, it might be helpful to bring along an influenza vaccine.

The vaccine can protect you against the flu and also keep you up-to-date on your vaccination. 

Check your GPIf you are feeling very sick and have symptoms you think are associated with the flu but are not, there’s a good chance you might have a mild case of the virus or even a more serious infection.

Your GP can also order tests to check for flu or other infections.

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