New flower at new house near new home

Posted November 08, 2018 03:19:06 Flowers at a new home on the Gold Coast will soon be displayed on the wall of a new house.

A new floral arrangement at a house on the beachfront is a symbol of how the city is becoming more and more a place where people come together.

The flowers were part of a floral garden at a home at Pemberton in October, when a friend asked a neighbour for help to put them on the door.

“The house was very quiet for a while and we just sat on the front porch and we started getting these little flowers all over the house and the next day they started coming,” said Ms Lizzie Johnson, who lives on the street.

Her friend was inspired to create the arrangements when she found flowers on a flower shop’s shelves.

The new arrangement, which is made up of a number of small floral arrangements, is part of the city’s new initiative to make people feel at home.

In an effort to make the city feel more like home, more and better floral arrangements are being created in some areas.

It was designed by designer and artist Lisa O’Donnell, who created the new arrangement at her house.

“It’s about taking people to a place that they normally would not be and just making it more like their home,” she said.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing.”

She said the arrangement will be in the front room of the house.

She said they will also be hung in the dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom and in a room at the front.

There are no plans for the arrangement to be permanent, but the new house is one of a handful of new houses on the property.

“There are a lot of new homes here, so we are just trying to make it feel more comfortable,” Ms Johnson said.

She said there was no money to pay for the arrangements but said the new homes were designed to make them more sustainable.

“We’re trying to get the cost down so that the money we get from the flowers is going towards building the next house and things like that,” she added.

“The gardens are being used to make a living so that they can be sustainable for the next generation.”


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