Texas bride finds new love after getting flowers from local farmer

WESTERN BOSTON — A bride who found a new love in a local farm after a flower delivery was stunned to see the flowers were from the bride’s grandfather.

It was a surprise to her and her family when she saw a bouquet of flowers from her grandfather in a grocery store parking lot on Sunday.

The bride, who wished to remain anonymous, said the flowers had been delivered by the farmer.

The farmer, who did not want his name used, said he was unaware of the wedding, which was scheduled for Wednesday in the northern town of Waco.

He said he had never seen the bride before and that he was very happy for her.

The bride’s mother, who declined to give her name, said she has been to Waco several times since her daughter and granddaughter were born.

She said she thought the bride was looking for a home.

She said the farmer showed up with a small package of flowers and a card, which read, “I’m sorry, my grandfather is a farmer.”

The bride and her mother went inside to find flowers from the farmer, and the couple started making out, the bride said.

She added that her grandfather has a farm in Texas.

The farmer said he’d received the flowers a few days before the wedding and that the couple had not talked about the wedding.

The wedding was to be a “love marriage,” he said.

A local resident who did a Google search on Waco said he knew the farmer was a farmer, but he did not know how much he was paying for the flowers.

He added that the farmer told the bride the flowers would last a week.

The farm has about 60 acres of land and about 2,500 acres of pasture, the resident said.

He said that because the flowers came from the wedding the farmer would be able to sell them at a good price.

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