‘The best way to kill a mosquito’ – How to kill mosquitoes in your home

New research from a University of Sydney study shows how to use the “carpet bomb” as an effective weapon in tackling mosquitoes.

Key points:The study shows that by placing two of four different types of mosquito repellent on a carpet, the homeowner can significantly reduce the chances of them breeding and spreading disease.

The carpet bomb is a home defence weapon that works by creating a carpet layer of up to 100mm thick, covering a number of different types and sizes of mosquitoes.

“The carpet bombs have been tested and proved to be effective in eradicating mosquitoes, particularly in rural areas, which means they can be used for protection against any type of disease or pest,” said Dr John Darnell, the study’s lead author.

“In the future, it may be possible to use carpet bombs to protect the public from the spread of other disease, for example, Zika virus, which is causing outbreaks in Australia.”

We know that the mosquito population in our cities has been significantly impacted by Zika virus and now it is time to make the carpet bomb a part of the solution.

“Mr Darnill, who is a Research Associate at the University of New South Wales’ Department of Environmental Science and Technology, said the carpet bombs could be used to protect against disease, such as dengue fever, and also as a means of combating other pest control measures.”

Mosquito control is a complex issue that requires a combination of mitigation measures and prevention,” he said.”

However, carpet bombs can be a very effective way to control mosquitoes and protect against other pests.

“A carpet bomb will help to reduce mosquito populations and will also have a number other positive effects such as reducing pollution, reducing the number of people who need to be vaccinated and reducing the cost of eradication.”

Dr Darnel said carpet bombs should be considered a last resort, if they were to be used in the future.

“While there is no doubt the carpet-bomb is a useful tool for the public health, the effectiveness of carpet bombs in eradication depends on a number factors including the availability of a suitable and suitable location,” he explained.

“This research is part of a larger effort by the Australian Government to encourage people to use other tools in their community, such a pest control programme, to reduce the risk of spread of disease.”

The research was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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