Which flowers are best for the skin?

New research by a botanist from China has discovered that the flowers of the dandelions are best suited to those with a sensitive skin.

The research is based on the fact that the daffodils are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and they are also considered to have a cooling effect.

Dandelion flower is best suited for those with sensitive skin”The daffods have been used as a therapeutic agent for decades, and have been considered by Chinese medical professionals to be beneficial in treating a wide variety of conditions,” said Wu Cheng of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences.

“However, this research has shown that daffODL flower is a great candidate for skin health.”

The research was conducted by Cheng and his team at Shanghai’s Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, where he has studied the effects of dandelon oil and related plants.

The team found that the herbaceous plants that grow in China have antiinflammatory properties and the anti-bacterial properties of the compound dandelal.

The researchers believe that these anti-inflammatories are responsible for the beneficial effects of the herb.

“The dandelones also have antioxidant properties, which are essential for maintaining skin health,” Cheng said.

“As we are still discovering more about their effects, we hope to discover more compounds that are beneficial for skin and health,” he added.

The dactylas were found to be one of the most popular medicinal plants in China for centuries.

However, they have not been used for centuries as the herb is considered too poisonous.

Daffodil, or dandelium, is the native of India and has a history dating back to the Ancient Egyptians.

It is considered one of India’s oldest and most important plants.

The flower is found throughout China, and its use has been greatly enhanced in recent years.

Wu Cheng said he is also working on other medicinal plants, including chrysants and lavender.

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