Why don’t you ever call your mum?

My mum was a nurse, a great person, an amazing mum, a lovely woman, a strong woman.

She did a lot for us, a lot of things for us.

She’s gone, but I hope she’s still there for us to remember her as.

When she died, my mum’s not here anymore, she’s just gone, she can’t be seen, and so we don’t get to see her again.

She was our mom, she was a wonderful, wonderful woman.

When I read the poem about her, I was just overwhelmed with emotion, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her.

The poem has been around for quite a while, it was originally written by the Irish poet Robert Burns and was first published in his collection of poems titled The Red Wedding, published in 1849.

I love this poem because it’s very simple, very straightforward, very emotional, it’s about a girl, a young girl, whose life is just taken away from her.

She has a lot to do and she has a whole lot of people to worry about, she has people to protect, she doesn’t have a family and she doesn’ have a father, and her mother is dying.

The girl’s mother, a nurse from Ireland, was killed in the Red Wedding and her father is now her mother.

She is just a little girl, she is just an ordinary girl, who has to go to school and everything, and I just felt that this is a very touching poem, and one that I thought I had to write because it is a beautiful poem and so much of what I have seen, I have experienced myself.

What I really love about this poem is how it takes us back to those feelings and that memory, to the moment when you were told that your mum had died.

The poem’s title comes from the poem by the Scottish poet John Keats.

The only one you can say for sure is she was still there when she died.””

You have lost her.

The only one you can say for sure is she was still there when she died.”

It’s an extremely simple poem, I can see how that could get lost in the shuffle.

It’s a beautiful, emotional poem, very simple and it is very moving.

I think that it’s been written over and over again and I think it’s wonderful because it brings the emotional truth to what we have gone through.

Read more:  My Mum died, I’m a nurse in the NHS, and now I can tell you that she was an amazing, wonderful mum, an incredible woman, and a lovely mother to me and my son.

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